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Time to Refresh Your Knowledge About School Bus Laws

With school starting, it's time to refresh your knowledge about the laws associated with school buses. Is it legal to pass a school bus with its stop arm out on a four-lane highway? What about if there is a barrier on the highway? Are parents allowed on school buses? Watch this quick three minute video to learn how you can keep our kids safe. The video may be a few years old, but the information is still important.

Passing a stopped school bus in violation of G.S. 20-217(a) is a Class 1 misdemeanor, which may not be disposed of by entry of a prayer for judgment continued. G.S. 20-217(e). Court appearance is mandatory for such charges; they are not the sort that may be paid and resolved by mail. Five driver’s license points are assigned to such a conviction if the driver was operating a noncommercial motor vehicle, eight if the person was driving a commercial motor vehicle. G.S. 20-16. Four insurance points apply, translating to an 80 percent increase in insurance rates.

There are eight cameras now on the buses to not only watch drivers, but to make sure the students act safely and orderly.

NC School Bus Safety Laws

So slow down, and be safe driving around school buses. For more information visit the DMV's website here.