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Animal Shelter Review Complete

Asheville Humane Society (AHS) and Buncombe County have completed a comprehensive review of animal sheltering services at the Buncombe County Animal Shelter resulting in the lifting of the transfer moratorium imposed on July 16.  The County, in partnership with the Asheville Humane Society, reviewed the sheltering protocols in place as well as community best practices and industry standards nationwide.  The analysis revealed that the sheltering practices of Asheville Humane Society meet or exceed industry best practice standards for an open admission shelter.

Both parties agreed to enhance current standards by:

  • Developing a structured process for the owner surrender of animals.  This process will emphasize working with owners to assure the best outcome for their pet with the goal of reducing the number of animals unnecessarily entering the shelter.
  • Assuring that all adoption agencies provide complete information gathered on the adoptive animal through the sheltering process to all adoptive owners.
  • Engaging in a community-wide education campaign to inform citizens about safe practices when dealing with animals and for understanding the options available to pet owners who may need additional supports in order to keep their pet safely in their home.
  • Working together to engage the community in reducing the need for sheltering services and to assure the public health of the community through the proper care of animals.

Additionally, Asheville Humane Society will increase investment in community outreach initiatives to solve animal welfare problems at their source, in the community, to reduce shelter intake and keep more Buncombe County animals with their families. AHS will increase expenditures on spay/neuter services by 211% and safety net community programs by 556%.

The relationship between Buncombe County and Asheville Humane Society continues to be strong and both are committed to promoting the compassionate treatment of animals in our community through education, sheltering and adoption.


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Updated Aug 14, 2015 08:49 AM
Published Aug 06, 2015 09:16 AM