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Urban/Suburban Black Bear Study

Black bear.If you are a homeowner experiencing black bear activity on your property, the Urban/Suburban Black Bear Study would like to speak with you!

Our project is a collaborative venture between North Carolina State University and the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.  We are seeking permission from homeowners to live- trap bears on properties in the Asheville area.  Our research is intended to gather information about black bear biology in urban environments.  By examining the movements, activities, reproduction, and survival of these urban bears, we can use the results to provide useful management options for bears in Asheville and other urban areas. 

Please note that bears will be released unharmed and on-site; they will not be relocated.

If you are interested in having a bear trap placed on your property, please contact:

  • Nick Gould, Project Lead
    Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources
    Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology        
    North Carolina State University  
    Raleigh, NC 27613
    (970) 988-2102
  • Jennifer Strules, Project Biologist
    Asheville, NC
    (413) 663-0720

Visit our Facebook page:

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