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Test Your Train Safety Knowledge

Most of us think we know a lot about train safety - test your knowledge by taking this short quiz.

True or False:

  1. Emergency Vehicles have the right of way at railroad crossings. FALSE
  2. It is OK to cross the tracks anywhere as long as you can see 1/4 mile in each direction. FALSE
  3. The average train with 100 cars requires a distance of one mile or more to stop. TRUE
  4. You will have plenty of time to get out of the way of an approaching train because you will hear it coming. FALSE
  5. Most train collisions occur at night. FALSE
  6. If your car stalls on the tracks, you should get out immediately and run away at a 45-degree angle in the opposite direction as the oncoming train. TRUE
  7. It is OK to walk on or alongside tracks if you don't see a train. FALSE
  8. Trains only travel in one direction on the tracks. FALSE