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Rescued Fox May Have Rabies

The Asheville Police Department Animal Services Unit and the Buncombe County Department of Health are seeking the public’s help in locating an injured and potentially rabid fox.

The juvenile fox was found by a motorist at the intersection of Sardis Road and Sand Hill Road on Monday June 3. It was eventually transported to Haw Creek Animal Hospital, where it was given to another, unidentified person possibly driving a white sedan who reportedly said they would transport the fox to a wildlife rehabilitation facility. In that time, four people came in contact with the animal, including a young girl.

The Asheville Police Department has provided clarification about the involvement of the animal hospital named in the press release.  The animal hospital was listed only to provide information that may help identify the person who took the injured fox and in doing so may have been exposed to rabies.


The transfer of the animal took place in the facility’s parking lot and neither the staff nor the doctors at Haw Creek Animal Hospital were aware of or involved in the incident.

Though no bites were reported, contact with a wild fox still presents a risk of exposure to rabies, especially given that a fox from the same area recently tested positive for rabies.

Please see attached news release for more information.

Gaylen Ehrlichman
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Buncombe County Department of Health

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