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Tips to Make Housework Easier!

Establish a System Before Beginning

  • Here are some tips for making your housework a little bit easier.Put cleaning supplies in a basket or tote
  • Use a small container to collect items that belong elsewhere
  • Take a bag to collect trash from each room
  • Start in the common areas (living room, kitchen) then move to bedrooms, etc.

Super Quick Touch-up for Unexpected Company

  • Make beds
  • Wipe away visible dust
  • Lightly vacuum and sweep (if time permits)
  • Wash, rinse and stack dishes, or load dishwasher
  • Close doors to create “off-limits” areas until company leaves

Mornings can be hectic but if you spend a little time before you leave for work, it will make arriving home much easier! Start the night before by straightening up, emptying trash, etc. Clear away clutter and breakfast dishes then move from room to room and give each one a quick going over.

For more information, call Buncombe County Cooperative Extension at 255-5522.