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There's a 4-H Club for You!

4-H logoDid you know that Buncombe County currently has 10 4-H clubs organized throughout the county? Three of those clubs are Project Clubs – that is, clubs which are organized around a common interest in a subject or topic such as horses, rabbits, goats, or sewing.

The remaining clubs are considered Community or Cloverbud clubs which allow members a choice in planning programs around a variety of topics.



Community Club Name Club Type
Barnardsville Bits and Bridles* Horse Club (9-18 yr. olds)
Candler Asheville Highriders Horse Club (9-18 yr. olds)
Fairview Lucky Clovers 4-H Club Sewing, Cooking, Fitness, Crafts (8-12 yr. olds.)
Weaverville Blackhawk 4-H Club School Club at North Windy Ridge Elementary
Leicester Leicester Patriots* 4-H Shooting Sports
Asheville E.A.R.T.H 4-H Club Community Club (Homeschool)
Asheville Clever Clovers 4-H Club Community Club (Homeschool)
Newfound Newfound 4-H Club Community Club
Sandy Mush Sandy Mush 4-H Club Community Club
Alexander Horse Spirits 4-H Club Horse Club
West Asheville A Brighter Tomorrow 4-H Club Community Club (Home School)


* denotes clubs that are currently at capacity.

If you would like to be put on a waiting list for one of these clubs, contact the Buncombe County 4-H Office at 255-5522. Our 4-H staff will also be happy to work with you to start a club in your own community.