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Buncombe County Wins Award of Excellence

Photo of award winners Doug Sharp and Shane Briggs.Buncombe County Erosion Control staff, Doug Sharp and Shane Briggs received the Award of Excellence in Erosion and Sediment Control from the North Carolina Sedimentation Control Commission.

They received this award for work that met the following criteria:  excellent amount of inspections per site; plans approved were reviewed thoroughly; project documentation was complete; all sites audited where in compliance.

This is impressive on its own but even more impressive when you learn that this department only has two employees.  Shane Briggs and Doug Sharp inspected 1,979 sites last year and by the end of 2012 had 396 permitted sites. 

Many of their inspections are generated through complaints – everything from commercial development to residential yard work and everything in between.  Meeting the "award worthy" criteria on all of their inspections while doing all their own administrative tasks is also a testament to attention to detail and employees that care about their County.

Congratulations to Shane and Doug for a job well done!