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Way to Recycle, Buncombe County!

Photo of blue bag with recycling in it.Kudos go to Buncombe County residents for a great increase in recycling! During the past year, curbside blue bag recycling in Buncombe County rose 18%!

Recycling has never been easier for residents. If you live in an unincorporated area of Buncombe County and subscribe to Waste Pro garbage pickup, you can participate in blue bag curbside recycling. Place your plastic containers, aluminum cans, mixed paper, metal soup containers, and other household recyclables into your blue bags. Set the blue bags at the curb and Waste Pro will pick them up on your normal trash day. For details, call Waste Pro at 684-7790.

Be sure to put ONLY recyclables into the blue bags. Remember - diapers are not recyclable. If you have questions about what types of materials you can put into the blue bags and what to throw away, visit the website Curbie's website.