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Post Holiday Recycling

Photo of Christmas paper & boxes ready to be recycled. © | Judith BickingChristmas Trees

Want to "tree-cycle"? Find out more...

Wrapping Paper and More

  • Cardboard shipping boxes and gift boxes can be recycled. Flatten all boxes. Gift boxes and small corrugated boxes can be placed in your blue bags. Larger corrugated cardboard boxes should be flattened and placed next to your blue bags. If you don’t have curbside garbage pickup, you can recycle boxes at any of the recycling drop-offs, as well as at the transfer station and the landfill.
  • Most wrapping paper is also recyclable. However, while plain paper gift wrap is accepted, metallic or metal-flecked paper is not.
  • Holiday cards are generally recyclable, as are birthday and other greeting cards. However, some restrictions do apply. Please do NOT place cards that play music (because they contain a battery), metallic trimmed cards, or photo paper in your blue bags or into drop-off recycling bins. As with wrapping paper, only plain paper cards can go into the blue bags or be dropped off with other recyclable paper at the drop-off centers, transfer stations, and the landfill.

For more information, or if you have questions, call the landfill at 250-5462.