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Check Your Gutters

As much as most homeowners don’t like climbing on ladders to check their gutters, it is a necessity of being a homeowner. Any gutters holding leaves, branches, or other winter debris will prevent water from flowing into the downspouts properly. Keeping them clean can prevent water from entering your basement or crawlspace. What to check:

  • If a section of your gutter is sagging, remove it, reset it to the proper pitch, and reattach. The gutter should slope toward the
    Clean out your gutters!
    downspout 1/2" per 10 feet of length.
  • Check the fascia (the wood behind the gutter), to see if it is deteriorating. If rotten, replace it with pressure-treated wood. If loose, reattach it with galvanized nails driven into rafter ends. If the rafter ends are rotten, nail small sections of pressure-treated wood to the side of the existing rafters. Nail fascia and gutters to this new wood.
  • While it is raining, look for leaks in the gutter seams and where downspouts join the gutters. Use gutter seam sealer and sheet metal screws to reattach and reseal these joints.
  • Clean out those leaves!

For more information, contact Buncombe County Cooperative Extension at 255-5522.