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Bad Winter Weather Means Tough Decisions

Children are thrilled. Parents have to readjust their schedule for the day when bad winter weather strikes.  For school administrators it means a tough decision has to be made in a timely manner.  How do they decide when to close the schools?

This decision involves thousands of citizens and the safety of our children.

The Asheville City School System has one district but the Buncombe County School System has six and bad weather can effect different areas of the County and each district differently. 

The Buncombe County School System policy states that if more than two districts need to be closed then all six will be closed. However, if the weather has only effected one or two of the districts then the other districts may have school for that day. For example, if the weather was bad the night before on just the west side of Buncombe County, the Erwin and Enka Districts may be the only districts closed. However, if the Erwin, Enka and T.C. Roberson Districts need to be closed then the remainder of the districts will be closed as well.

Individual schools within a district will not be closed due to bad road conditions. If only a portion of a district was affected then the entire district will be closed for the day.

Call their hotlines or check online for the most up to date closing information:

Buncombe County School: 255-5939 and online at

Asheville City Schools: 350-6188 and online at