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Apply For a Marriage License Online

Now it is easier to apply for your marriage license.The Buncombe County Register of Deeds' Office, in an effort to reduce wait time for couples getting married, has begun an Online Marriage Application. This has reduced the amount of time couples have to spend in the Register of Deeds' Office to receive their marriage license from thirty minutes to five minutes.

The Online Marriage Application can be accessed, completed and submitted from home.  Couples still have to come into the office, but their application can be ready with very little or no wait time.

In addition to reducing wait time, the online application cuts out hours of data entry for county staff.  The Online Marriage Application is part of a larger effort to bring new technology into the Register of Deeds' Office.

Buncombe County’s GrowBC campaign focuses on the county’s core values and ways to GrowBC greener, healthier, kinder, safer, smarter TOGETHER. The Online Marriage Application is a clear step towards growing Buncombe County in a smarter, more efficient direction.