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Applying for Services

How to Apply

We offer assistance at our office at 40 Coxe Avenue.

  • Call us at (828) 250-5726 to make an appointment or with any questions.
  • Email Veteran Services.
  • Visit our offices in Downtown Asheville at 40 Coxe Avenue on the 7th Floor. Take the North Wing (Blue) elevator to the 7th floor and ring bell for service. Office hours are 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.
  • Free parking is available in the parking deck at corner of Coxe Avenue and Sears Alley. Just show your ticket to the greeter inside of the main lobby to have it validated.

How much does it cost?

The County Veterans Services Office is funded by Buncombe County and the State of North Carolina. There is no charge to our clients.

Toll-Free Service Benefits Information and Assistance
Each VA benefit has its own eligibility requirements. For more information about specific benefits, you may locate the nearest VA office or call: 1-800-827-1000

Special Toll-Free Numbers

Table: Special Toll-Free Numbers
Health Benefits 877-222-8387
Education Benefits 888-442-4551
VA Life Insurance 800-669-8477
Office of SGLI 800-419-1473
CHAMPVA 800-733-8387
Gulf War 800-749-8387
Headstones (status of claims only) 800-697-6947
Telecommunication - Device for Deaf (TDD) 800-829-4833
Direct Deposit 877-838-2778

Services Provided

Education & Training

Benefits are available to eligible veterans, dependents, reservists, and service members while they are in an approved training program.

Our major programs are:

  • GI Bill persons who first entered active duty after June 30, 1985, are generally eligible. Some Vietnam Era veterans and certain veterans separated under special programs are also eligible. The bill also includes a program for certain reservists and National Guard members.
  • Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP) This program is for veterans who entered active duty for the first time after December 31, 1976, and before July 1, 1985, and contributed to a training fund.
  • Survivor's & Dependent's Educational Assistance Some family members of disabled or deceased veterans are eligible for education benefits.

Time Limits: Generally, veterans have 10 years from the date they were last released from active duty to use their education benefits. Reservists generally have 10 years from the date they became eligible for the program unless they leave the Selected Reserves before completing their obligation. Spouses generally have 10 years from the date the VA first finds them eligible. Children are generally eligible from age 18 until age 26. These time limits can sometimes be extended.

Health Care

The Veterans Administration provides a number of health care services.

  • Hospital, outpatient medical, dental, pharmacy and prosthetic services
  • Domiciliary, nursing home, and community-based residential care
  • Sexual trauma counseling
  • Specialized health care for women veterans
  • Health and rehabilitation programs for homeless veterans
  • Readjustment counseling
  • Alcohol and drug dependency treatment
  • Medical evaluation for military service exposure, including Gulf War, Agent Orange, radiation, or other environmental hazards.

Life Insurance

  • Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (SGLI) is low-cost term life insurance for service members and reservists. Generally, coverage begins when you enter the service. It is available in amounts up to $200,000. Generally, it expires 120 days after you get out of the service.
  • Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI) is renewable five-year term life insurance for veterans. It is available in amounts up to $200,000. You may apply any time within 1 year from the date your SGLI expires.
  • Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance also called "RH" Insurance is life insurance for service-disabled veterans. The basic coverage is $10,000. If your premium payments for the basic policy are waived, you may be eligible for a supplemental policy of up to $20,000. Generally, you have 2 years after being notified of your service-connected disability to apply for basic coverage

Home Loans

The Veterans Administration offers a number of home loan services to eligible veterans, some military personnel, and certain spouses.

  • Guaranteed Loans - The VA can guarantee part of a loan from a private lender to help you buy a home, a manufactured home, a lot for a manufactured home, or certain types of condominiums. The VA also guarantees loans for building, repairing, and improving homes.
  • Refinancing Loans - If you have a VA mortgage, the VA can help you refinance your loan at a lower interest rate. You may also refinance a non-VA loan.
  • Special Grants - Certain disabled veterans can receive grants to have their homes specially adapted to their needs.

Rehabilitation Training

Are available to certain service-connected disabled veterans who are unable to get and keep suitable employment. Some of the services the VA provides are:

  • Employment and case management services
  • Vocational and Rehabilitation counseling
  • Payment of training costs
  • Monthly payments to help with living expenses
  • Medical and dental treatment, if needed, to complete your program

Time Limits: You generally have 12 years from the date the VA tells you in writing that you have at least a 10 percent rating for a service-connected disability. You may have longer if certain conditions prevent you from training or if you have a serious employment handicap.

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Veterans Services


Veterans Services
P: (828) 250-5726

Veterans Services Office
40 Coxe Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801

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Veterans Services Director
Heath Smith

County Veterans Service Officers
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8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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