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Land Conservation Advisory Board Vacancies

Volunteer for a Board Vacancy

Buncombe County Commissioners are taking applications for two vacancies on the Land Conservation Advisory Board through September 7 at 5pm.

The Buncombe County Land Conservation Advisory Board was created by the County Commissioners in 2004 to promote the use of voluntary land conservation easements to preserve the beauty and ecology of Buncombe County.

Conservation easements are voluntary deed restrictions placed on an owner's property that prohibit or limit future development on the property. These restrictions are perpetual and may be enforced in court.

Since the easements are voluntary, there is considerable flexibility afforded an owner in tailoring the easement to the owner's needs. Conservation easements do not require a landowner to allow public access to their property.

The support of the Buncombe County Commissioners and their focus on preserving lands in Buncombe County has been very successful. This leadership has generated over $32 million in grants and gifts from landowners and private donors to make these easements possible.

For more information, contact Lamar Joyner at 250-4105 or