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Yes - I Can Do That for a Child!

I can do that for a kid.Right now, there’s a child in our community that needs a safe and loving foster home.  Ask yourself:  Can I do that for a child?  There is no greater joy than watching a child in your care blossom with love and attention. The challenges can be big, but the rewards are even bigger.

Have you ever wondered…

  • What’s it really like to foster a child?
  • What it takes to become a foster parent?
  • Can I foster with my lifestyle? Would I be a good fit?

Here are some ways to get more information…

  1. Watch an online video.  It will help you find out if you are ready to become a foster parent.  Go to
  2. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about foster parenting - call 250-5868 or email
  3. Attend a foster parent information session on August 26 and talk to our staff about fostering in Buncombe County.  If you are interested, we will register you for upcoming classes to become a licensed foster parent.

We are working together to keep children safe in our community.  HHS wants to help you say, “Yes – I can do that for a child”.

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