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Board of Commissioners' Agenda

June 20, 2017

Commission Meetings are held at 200 College Street, Room 326 in downtown Asheville beginning at 5 p.m.

Public Comment is taken at the beginning of the meeting.

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  • Planning Board (1 vacancy - Reynolds District)
    • Eric McAbee
    • Michael Kirstein
    • Billy Taylor
    • Jeffrey Vanderlip

  • Mountain Area Workforce Development Board (10 vacancies)
    • Ann Ashley, reappointment
    • Peter Cook, reappointment
    • Bryan Dover, reappointment
    • Rick Elingburg, reappointment
    • Dennis King, reappointment
    • John Rakes, reappointment
    • Tony Reid, reappointment
    • Corie Hackney, Omni Grove Park
    • Jason Simons, IBEW Local 238
    • Christopher McGlashan, EBEW Local 238

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  • July 4 - Holiday - County Offices Closed

  • August 1 - Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting at 200 College Street, Room 326 in downtown Asheville at 5 p.m.

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