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We strive to provide as much public information about tax assessments and collections as possible on our website.

Collection information is updated nightly to ensure we are passing accurate information on to you. You can also find real estate assessment values, neighborhood sales information, parcel history information and answers to many other real estate inquiries.

All property values are assessed as of January 1st of each year and personal and business listing information is mailed to properties active within our system. Should you be new to our area and need to list property, you can find the listing forms and contact information on our website. Please note, our real estate, business property and personal property tax bills are mailed out mid-August of each year.

In September 2013, the DMV began collecting motor vehicle taxes when you renew your vehicle (license) tag. The total charge to renew your tag now includes your vehicle property taxes in addition to the DMV tag renewal fee.

Customer Feedback

We know your time is important, but we need your help. We strive to provide professional customer service to the citizens of Buncombe County. Please let us know about your experience with our website, and our staff. Go to Feedback to complete a short survey. Let us know what we have done to exceed your expectations, and what we can do to improve.