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City/County data tailored to any address within Buncombe County. View neighborhood crime reports by address, all within one application accessible via one search.

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We are dedicated to improving the quality of life of everyone in Buncombe County by utilizing the highest degree of integrity and professionalism at every level, making certain that we lead by example, treating all persons with dignity, and holding ourselves accountable to the highest possible standards.


The Buncombe County Sheriff's Office has a priority of being a community-focused law enforcement agency.

We continually partner with the community to identify, define, and solve community problems.

We enable and encourage all members of our agency to be problem solvers.

We are an agency that promotes, mentors, and facilitates both personal and professional development of our employees and continually strive to create community advocacy.



We provide quality service in a manner which is proactive, fair, courteous, responsive, and efficient. We will partner with the community to identify problems and create solutions to improve the quality of life.


We hold ourselves accountable to the people of Buncombe County in our decision making and management of resources to render services in an open, effective, and efficient manner.


We demand candor, honesty, and ethical behavior. We are committed to upholding our positions of trust by maintaining the highest ethical standards.


We shall exhibit a courteous, conscientious, and businesslike manner in all activities; stay knowledgeable of all aspects of our duties; understand how each individual’s role fits within the larger organization and its mission; and act for the public good without regard to convenience or self-interest.


We value and honor those that we serve.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions for the Buncombe County Sheriff's Office

For offenses that could result in possible felony charges, Buncombe County residents should contact the Sheriff’s Department so a report can be taken and an investigation initiated. These offenses include sexual assault and assault with a deadly weapon. For offenses that could result in misdemeanor charges, such as harassing phone calls or certain larceny offenses, victims can go to the Magistrate's Office to request a criminal summons. Please contact the Sheriff's Office at (828) 250-4503 if you have any questions regarding this process.

Go inside, close the door, and leave the bear alone. Unless the bear is posing an immediate threat to persons or pets, call the non-emergency dispatch number for Animal Control at (828) 250-6670. To keep bears from visiting your property, ensure that you are not putting food out that attracts them, such as bird feeders or pet food. Ensure that garbage — especially food waste — is kept in proper containers. Never approach, try to photograph, or in any way interact with the bear because they are a wild animal.

If you have fallen victim to a phone scam please call the Sheriff's Office for a report. If you have received a suspicious or possible scam call, and need to report the information, please call the Federal Trade Commission at 877-382-4357.

To find information regarding towed vehicles, call the Sheriff’s Department Patrol Division at (828) 250-4502. The Patrol Division is located at 339 New Leicester Highway, behind the McDonald’s, in Asheville.

Fingerprints and background checks are handled through the Bureau of ID.

No, Buncombe County Sheriff's Office does not require alarm permits. However, if you would like your contact information added to our system, you can call Communications at (828) 250-6671.

Call Communications at (828) 250-6670 and request to be added to the extra check list. The Communicator will ask you the necessary questions and add you to the list.

You will need to contact the Sheriff's Office Communication's Division at (828) 250-6670.

Locate & Contact

Sheriff's Office


Sheriff's Office Administration
P: (828) 250-4503

Non-Emergency Calls
P: (828) 250-6670

Asistencia en Español
P: (828) 250-4542

Sheriff's Office
60 Court Plaza, 4th Floor
Asheville, NC 28801

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Sheriff's Office Facility Locations

Sheriff's Office
60 Court Plaza, 4th Floor
Asheville, NC 28801

Detention Facility
20 Davidson Drive
Asheville, NC 28801

Magistrate's Office
20 Davidson Drive
Asheville, NC 28801

Patrol Division
339 New Leicester Highway
Asheville, NC 28806