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Board of Commissioners' Agenda

October 1, 2013

Commission Meetings are held at 200 College Street, Room 326 in downtown Asheville beginning at 4:30 p.m.

Public Comment is taken at the beginning of the meeting.

Call To Order Top of Page

Pledge of Allegiance Top of Page

Invocation Top of Page

Public Comment Top of Page

Discussion / Adjustment / Approval To Follow Agenda Top of Page

Good News Top of Page

Old BusinessTop of Page

  • Designation of Representation and Term for Tourism Development Authority Members
    • McKibbon
    • Craig

New Business

Board Appointments Top of Page

  • Culture and Recreation Authority (6 vacancies)
    • Leslie Anderson
    • George Briggs
    • Eleanor Johnson
    • Matthew Kern
    • Bill Russell
    • Karen Tessier
    • Mike Burke
    • John DeWitt
    • Matt Fusco
    • Larry Harris
    • Scott Hughes
    • Kitty Love
    • Rick Lutovsky
    • Kevin Mahoney
    • Nancy Nelson
    • Susan Roderick
    • Ron Storto
    • Dwayne Stutzman
    • Danny Wilkins
    • Karen Cragnolin
    • Peter Carver
    • Stephanie Gosnell
    • Katherine Greysen
    • Barbara Svenson
    • Jeff Joyce

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