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Tdap Vaccines Available During School Hours

This Spring, Buncombe County Department of Health and local public schools are working together to make the healthy choice the easy choice by offering  5th graders an opportunity to get a required vaccine, Tdap, during the school day.  Tdap vaccine clinics are being offered at elementary schools across Asheville and Buncombe County.  NC State Law requires that children receive this vaccine before they can begin their sixth grade school year.  The vaccine protects against serious illness resulting from tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (whooping cough). 

A 5th grade Tdap vaccine clinic is scheduled for one day at each city, county and charter school, during the month of April. The dates for these clinics are listed below.  Information packets will be sent home with students soon and will contain specific information about the vaccine, clinics, and the school clinic schedule.  There is no charge for those who are uninsured, and private insurance and/or Medicaid will be billed for the cost of the vaccine – parents do not need to send money to school with their child.  

Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s healthcare provider if they have questions about the Tdap vaccine, or they may call the Buncombe County Department of Health’s Immunization Clinic at 250-5096.

Parent information about the school Tdap clinics is available at buncombecounty.org/Tdap, or by calling 250-5057 with questions about the school clinics.

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