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Plan Ahead to Grow Plants From Seeds

Photo of seed germinating.Planning to grow some of your own transplants? It's almost time to start gathering supplies and setting up your system.

Don't get over-anxious and start seeds too early. Remember - it's better to plant small vigorous plants than to try to “hold back” mature transplants if weather delays your planned planting date.

Some plants take longer to grow to transplanting size than others. The exact amount of time required, of course, will depend on the growing conditions.

Crop Weeks to Grow

Crop Weeks to Grow

Broccoli 5-7 Ageratum 7-10
Cabbage 5-7 Cleome 4-6
Cantaloupe 2-4 Marigold 6-8
Cucumber 2-4 Nasturtium 4-6
Eggplant 6-10 Nicotiana 6-8
Lettuce 5-7 Petunia 8-10
Pepper 6-8 Salvia 7-10
Squash 2-4 Vinca 7-10
  Zinnia 4-6


For more information, call Buncombe County Cooperative Extension at 255-5522.