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Fall is Here - What Does the Farmer's Almanac Say?

September 22 is the first day of Fall. According to The Farmer's Almanac (published since 1792 and well known for it's accurate weather predictions) our area should experience the following weather for the remainder of September and October of this year:

September 2012

16th-19th. A tropical disturbance dawdles off the coast. Showery, then clearing.
20th-23rd. Windy and rainy.
24th-27th. Squalls sweep across the region from west to east.
28th-30th. Another spell of unsettled weather.

October 2012

1st-3rd. Dry and tranquil.
4th-7th. Gusty winds, mainly fair.
8th-11th. Heavy rains, thanks to a low-pressure disturbance moving off Atlantic Coast.
12th-15th. Chilly rains spread through the Deep South into Carolinas.
16th-19th. Drying out after a week of damp weather.
20th-23rd. Scattered showers, then clearing and unseasonable cold, with an early frost for some localities.
24th-27th. Light rain.
28th-31st. Fair for trick-or-treaters.