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Jail Administration

Detention Facility

The Buncombe County Detention Facility is a 604 bed direct supervision Detention Facility. Built in 1994 the Buncombe County Detention Facility replaced the old Buncombe County Jail that was located on the top floors of the Buncombe County Courthouse. The Buncombe County Sheriff is required by law to operate a county Detention Facility. The public can contact the Detention Facility by calling (828) 250-4550.

Detention Facility Job Descriptions:

  • Facility Administrator: The Facility Administrator plans, directs, and supervises all activities of the Detention Facility; determines staffing and equipment need, works with the fiscal control officer on the annual budget, investigates any complaints.
  • Assistant Facility Administrators: The Assistant Facility Administrators assist the jail administrator in supervising the employees, inmate activity, and oversees the maintenance of inmate paperwork.
  • Detention Team Supervisors: The Detention Team Supervisors maintain the safety and security level of the Detention Facility as well as overseeing the day to day operation of the employees on the current shift.
  • Detention Officers: Detention Officers admit and release inmates, book and search inmates, collect personal belongings from inmates for safe keeping, arrange visitation for inmates and their families or attorneys, patrol the entire Detention area on a regular basis, maintain inmate paperwork, supervise the inmates, distribute mail, arrange sick call for inmates, and maintain the safety and security level of the facility.
  • Transportation Officers: The Transportation Officers transport inmates to, and from other Detention Facilities, prisons, and mental health centers, and also assist the Detention Officers when needed.
  • Detention Facility Medical Staff: The Detention Facility Medical Staff are the on-duty health care providers for the inmates. They distribute medicine, perform health evaluations, perform first aid, and access medical situations to determine further action.
  • Kitchen Officers: The Kitchen Officers oversee the preparation of all inmate meals, the service of meals, maintain records of meals served, stock the kitchen food and supplies, cleaning of the kitchen area, and plan meals for inmates with special dietary needs, such as diabetics.
  • Classification Officers: The Classification Officers place inmates in the appropriate housing units of the Detention Facility based on the inmate's gender, age, behavioral patterns and criminal history.
  • Laundry Officer: The Laundry Officer oversees the washing, drying, folding, and issuance of all inmate jumpsuits, and linen. The Laundry Officer is also responsible for keeping any and all supplies used for cleaning in their appropriate locations, and well stocked for use.
  • Commissary Staff: Commissary Staff is responsible for filling commissary orders for all inmates who order commissary. Commissary items include clothing, personal care items, beverages, snacks, and other food items.
  • Inmate Program Coordinator: The Inmate Program Coordinator is responsible for the design and development of programs used to rehabilitate inmates.
  • Chaplain: The Detention Facility Chaplain is available for counseling and guidance for inmates as well as staff. Administrative Staff: The Administrative Staff is a group of employees that perform various tasks, such as employee training, purchasing, and payroll.

The Buncombe County Detention Facility must maintain order and control when dealing with a large group of inmates. Inmates have some privileges and opportunities, which are explained below.

Depending on the Housing Unit Inmates have up to six hours each day out of their cells. This time can be spent watching television, showering, or talking with other inmates. The specific hours of free time are as follows:

  • 0900 to 1100 hour
  • 1400 to 1600 hours
  • 1900 to 2200 hours


The commissary is the inmate store where health and comfort items may be purchased. Inmates can receive money from their family and friends to spend in the commissary. Items such as aspirin, crackers, food, and sodas may be purchased in the commissary.

Visitation Rules

An inmate must be classified and assigned to a housing unit to receive a visit.

  • Visitors must have valid state or federal ID card or driver’s license. All identification must contain bearers photograph.
  • Minors fifteen (15) years old, or younger, do not need identification when a parent or legal guardian accompanies them.
  • Adults sixteen (16) years old, or older, must have proper identification to visit.
  • Children may not be left unattended at any time.
  • No purses, female wallets, bags, pocket knives, weapons, cellular phones, radios, camera's, pens, pencils, paper, tobacco items, matches, lighters, pictures, nail clippers, nail files, sharp items, or recording devices of any kind are allowed.
  • No items may be left unattended in the lobby area.
  • A visit may consist of one adult and one child.
  • An inmate may have five people on his/her approved visitor list. You must be on the inmates approved list in order to visit.

Visitation appointments will be made by the visitor. Contact the Front Desk at 828-250-4610 or 828-250-4557.

Rules of Dress for Visitors

These rules of dress will be strictly enforced. It will be the responsibility to let their visitors know about the rules. Shirt and shoes are mandatory. The following are not allowed:

  • Tube tops, Halter tops, or Tank tops
  • Spaghetti strapped tops or Bare midriff
  • Clothing displaying gang affiliation
  • Pant or shirts with see-through fabric
  • Shorts above mid-thigh (14 years of age and above)
  • Dresses/skirts above mid-thigh
  • Miniskirts
  • Wave caps, doo rags, or bandanas
  • Clothing of a generally revealing nature
  • Spandex clothing
  • Tights without shorts

Any other item of clothing; DEEMED BY THE STAFF, to be contrary to the policy of modest and acceptable dress will not be allowed.

Questions concerning the above information should be directed to the Buncombe County Detention Facility Administrator.

Contact Information

Buncombe County Detention Facility
(828) 250-4550.