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Health & Safety Information

Public Health is at work all around us - protecting our health where we live, learn, work, play, and pray. Buncombe County Department of Health assures safe food and water, protects us from contagious diseases, promotes making the healthy choice the easy choice and assures that everyone can go to a doctor when they need one.

Public Health is more than Health Department services. It's people in neighborhoods, at local non-profits, in schools, churches, worksites, doctor's offices, hospitals, and community groups. It takes all of us to make our community a healthier place to live.

Important Health and Safety Links:

The links on this page will connect you to health and safety information for the general public, including preparing for an emergency; finding out if your favorite restaurant is safe; getting a birth certificate and much more. You will find health fact sheets on important public health issues and information on improving your health. You have an opportunity to get informed and take action to make your home and community a healthy place to live.

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Additional Resources

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Check out the Preparedness Guide for Buncombe County Residents.

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