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Voter Information

If you are a citizen of the country and a resident of a county in North Carolina, then you may have the right to vote in the elections that select your officials.

The guides below will give you more information on your right to vote in North Carolina.

Voting Districts

Buncombe County is comprised of 80 separate voting locations referred to as precincts. Each voting location is chosen for its convenience, handicap accessibility, and State Board of Elections regulations. Not all the precincts are in the same voting districts.

Buncombe County consists of the following voting districts based on your residential location: NC Senate District 48 and 49, NC House Districts 114, 115 and 116. Over the years, some of these precincts have been split by either State legislatures or municipalities through annexations.

If you are not sure of your voting districts please visit the Voter Search to determine the following:

  1. if you are registered
  2. what voting districts you are registered in
  3. NOTE: Scroll to bottom of results page for exact voting location

If you are having trouble determining whether or not you are registered or have questions regarding your voting districts, please contact us at 250-4200.