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Political Parties

When you register to vote you may also register with any political party recognized in the State of North Carolina.

Party affiliation determines the primary in which a voter is eligible to vote. You may also register as unaffiliated. If you do not declare a party affiliation upon registering, you will be registered as unaffiliated. However, during a partisan primary election, an unaffiliated voter may vote only if a party authorizes unaffiliated voters to vote in that primary election.

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Recognized Parties

Democratic Party


951 Old Fairview Rd.
PO Box 1544
Asheville, NC 28802
P: (828) 274-4482

Kathy Sinclair, Chair
(828) 242-5807


Republican Party


Mailing address:
Buncombe County Republican Party
P.O. Box 9834
Asheville, NC 28815
P: (828) 253-5800

Nathan West, Chair
P: (828) 808-0873


Libertarian Party


Nathan Phillips, Chair
P: (313) 694-9240


Unrecognized Parties

Party Affiliation

On the registration application, you must declare your party affiliation by choosing one of the following:

  • Democrat
  • Republican
  • Unaffiliated

For general elections, you may vote for any candidate that you wish, regardless of your declared party affiliation. For example: You are registered as a Republican, but you believe that Candidate A, registered in the Democratic Party, is the best person for the job. You may vote for that candidate in the general election. However, before general elections, primary elections are held to narrow down the list of candidates. For primary elections, you may vote ONLY in your declared party's primary. In other words, if you are registered in the Democratic Party, you will vote ONLY in the Democratic Primary. (You may change your party affiliation at any time, but you must do so at least 25 days before the primary in order to vote in the newly-declared party's primary.) Again, when the general election is held, you may vote for any party that you wish.

Voters registered as "unaffiliated" may vote in either the Republican or Democratic primary.