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Following the Progress of Grants Is Easier Than Ever

ECE Dashboard Article Picture

Interested in learning more about the progress of County-funded projects? A new interactive dashboard lets you explore the grant funded projects through Buncombe County's Early Childhood Education and Development Fund. As part of Buncombe County’s Transparency initiatives, a new website gives our community a window into funding and project progress for everything from community grants to justice and jail population information, debt transparency, and more. 

On the Early Childhood Education dashboard, you will find charts showing the progress of goals associated with the grant funding. At the bottom of each graphic, select “Click Here for Full Report” for more specific details about the funding, goals, and how close the projects are to achieving their goals. 

Early Childhood Education Dashboard Example

Example of Dashboard Graphic from the Early Childhood Education Grants Page.

For instance, Buncombe County Partnership for Children’s Professional and System Development, received $153,000 in grant funding. In the above image, you will see graphs indicating how far along the progress is. For example, the number of participants who have received resiliency training is 26, the goal for the funding is 60. The number of trainings for educators and administrators is 104, breaking their goal of 100. These reports will be updated quarterly for all grant recipients. 

In 2019, $3.6 million was allocated for early childhood education for 19 projects across eleven organizations. The purpose is to ensure an equal opportunity for children to thrive during the first 2,000 days, including access to quality early childhood education.

Check out the dashboard, explore, and learn more about Buncombe County’s Transparency initiatives here.