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Good News: Mountain Mobility Vehicle Operators Recognized

Vehicle operators for Buncombe County’s Community Transportation System, Mountain Mobility, were recognized at the 2018 North Carolina Public Transportation Association Roadeo. The NCPTA Roadeo is a contest featuring events that test the safety training and driving skill of professionally trained public transportation vehicle operators across North Carolina.

The 2018 Mountain Mobility Roadeo Team included three vehicle operators: Cheryl Fisher, Carolyn Hensley, and Floyd Nelson. At the completion of the competition, the team was awarded Second Place Team in the Van Division. Floyd Nelson received recognition for his third place finish among all vehicle operators in the van division.

The second place team finish and third place Individual finish continued a successful multi-year run by Mountain Mobility vehicle operators at the NCPTA Roadeo. Prior year’s Mountain Mobility Roadeo Teams have placed first and second (2016 and 2017 respectively) in the team competition and have placed first and third (2016 and 2017 respectively) in the individual competition.


Buncombe County is proud of the accomplishments of these vehicle operators who possess the safety training and skills necessary to compete at a high level. The Mountain Mobility Roadeo Team’s success at the competition reflects that these vehicle operators are well-trained and best able to ensure the safe travel of Buncombe County citizens when riding with Mountain Mobility. 


Photo information (Pictured from Left to Right: Jesse Padgett, Safety Training Manager and Vehicle Operators Carolyn Hensley, Floyd Nelson, and Cheryl Fisher)