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Top 3 Reasons to Pay Your Property Taxes Early

Paying your taxes early has a variety of benefits for you. Here’s the top three reasons you should pay before the Dec. 17 rush, even though taxes do not become delinquent until after Jan. 7.

  1. Save Time 
    Your time is valuable. On average, if you pay before Dec. 17 the processing time it takes only about 15 minutes for you to get in, out, and on with your life. After Dec. 17, long lines become an issue and the average time to have your bill processed was between 45-60 minutes.
  2. Free Parking
    Free parking is available, but spots are limited. If you wait, you will most likely have to pay for parking, walk to the Tax Department, and end up standing in a long line outside the building.
  3. Avoid Weather-Related Delays
    Most people wait until mid-December and early January to start paying their property taxes. During that time of the year, it is extremely cold, windy, and there’s always a chance it could snow. Last year, after Dec. 17, the weather was frigid and we frequently had lines outside of the building. If you pay early, you won’t have to endure the elements. Also, the Jan. 7 deadline cannot be extended due to inclement weather. So, if you wait until the last minute and a snow storm comes, and you can’t make it in to pay, you may be penalized.

We hope these tips help you save time, money, and sanity. For more tax information visit