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Cost Share Sign-Up Coming Soon

From Soil & Water:

Sign up for cost-sharing programs will be held July 1-31, 2021. The Agricultural Cost-Share Program provides a 75% cost share on over 60 best management practices including those intended to reduce sediment and nutrient loss; animal waste management; agrichemical pollution prevention; stream protection; and erosion/nutrient reduction.  

The Agricultural Water Resources Assistance Program provides a 75% (caps may apply) on best management practices on farms that increase the availability of water such as ponds; pond repairs; water collection systems; increasing the efficiency of irrigation; and water supply wells. 

The Community Conservation Assistance Program provides a 75% cost-share on best management practices that improve water quality in an urban setting.  Practices include seeding eroding areas; streambank stabilization; backyard wetlands and rain gardens; pet-waste receptacles; cisterns, and grassed swales.

For more information on cost-share programs please contact Anthony Dowdle at (828) 250-4788.