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Phone Scam Alert

The Buncombe County Sheriff's Office has received numerous reports of a scam. Unknown suspects are calling potential victims posing as Deputy Sheriffs. Suspects are informing the victims that they have a warrant issued for their arrest and then direct the victim to purchase gift cards. The victim is directed to give the suspects the numbers from the cards after they are activated, then taking the money from the cards.

Sheriff’s Office personnel do not accept payment to satisfy warrants for arrest over the phone, nor do they call a citizen and tell them that a lawfully issued warrant can be dismissed for a payment.  

If you are contacted by someone telling you that a warrant has been issued please contact the Sheriff’s Office or local law enforcement in your area and verify the warrant. Do not call the number that you are being provided by the suspect, call BC Sheriff Non-Emergency Calls at (828) 250-6670 or Sheriff's Department Administration (828) 250-4503 to report fraudulent calls.