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Enforcement Bureau

The Enforcement Bureau of the Buncombe County Sheriff's Office is charged with the enforcement actions of the Sheriff's Office. The Enforcement Bureau include the Professional Standards Division, the Patrol Division and the Criminal Investigations Division.

The Office of Professional Standards is charged with Policy and Procedure processes of the Sheriff's Office. All actions are guided by Policy. It is the responsibility of this Division to establish and maintain these policies and procedures and to enforce adherence to policy. If there are discrepancies or violations of these policies it is the Professional Standards responsibility to investigate and recommend corrective measures. Complaints from the citizens of our county can also generate an investigation. Deputies are held accountable for individual actions and performance. If these actions generate a complaint from the citizens the issue is investigated. These actions are at the direction and under the direct supervision of the Chief Deputy.

The Office of Professional Standards has the responsibility for managing and scheduling all Secondary Employment performed by any Deputy Sheriff.

The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for the investigation of criminal offenses committed in Buncombe County jurisdiction. Reflecting the increasingly complex nature of contemporary police work, the division has grown more specialized over the recent years.

This Division is commanded by a Criminal Investigations Captain. The Captain is assisted by three unit Lieutenants and two Administrative Assistants.

The Detectives of the Criminal Investigations Division are assigned to one of the various areas of responsibility.

These are:

Major Crimes Unit is responsible for investigation of the Major incidents. Major Incidents are defined as Homicide, Armed Robbery, and this level of crimes.

Property Crimes unit is responsible for the Property crime incidents such as breaking and entering, larceny, obtaining property by false pretense. This unit works very closely with the Field Investigation Unit to provide response and solution to property crimes as quickly as possible after they are committed.

Special Investigations Unit is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of crimes against people, money crimes, sexual assaults, violence or assaults and gang related incidents.

Computer Crimes Unit is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of computer crimes. These incidents typically involve solicitation of minors and sexual assaults or attempts against minors.

Field Investigation Detectives are assigned to work with the Patrol Division and be first response to incidents that the Patrol Deputies are responding to in real time. As much as possible they will work and handle cases that can be worked and disposed of soon after they occurred. If cases require longer term investigations the Detectives will arrange information and turn over to one of the other Detectives in one of the other sections.

BCAT (Buncombe County Anticrime Taskforce) is our drug suppression and investigative unit. These Detectives work longer term primarily drug related cases. Some of these investigations require months of undercover and investigative work that is out of the spectrum of normal Detective work.

Each of these units are responsible to take incidents or cases from beginning through investigation, collection of evidence, interviewing and collecting information from both victims and suspects. These Detectives will take a case from beginning and follow through all aspects, working with the District Attorney's Office for prosecution and final disposition of the cases.

The Patrol Division

Proper and professional response to the public's calls for service is the primary commitment and focus of the Sheriff's Patrol Division. We strive daily to offer quick responses with the most professional service possible to the citizens of Buncombe County. Integrity, Dignity and Professionalism are the guiding principles that govern our actions, and we hold all our actions accountable to the citizens of Buncombe County at all times.