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Review Officer

Every County is required by G. S. 47-30.2 to designate one or more review officers to review non-exempt plats for compliance with all statutory requirements. When a review officer has determined that a plat is legally sufficient and may be recorded, he or she must place their certification on the map.

The Review Officer will check for the following information: (Contact Planning Department for more information)

  • The Review Officers signature, statement, & date signed (must be recorded within 30 days of approval).
  • A vicinity map
  • A north arrow
  • Name of the owner
  • Township - county & state
  • Date survey was made
  • Scale ratio (example 1" = 200')
  • Bar graph
  • Name and address of surveyor or firm preparing the plat.
  • Original signature, seal, and registration number of surveyor.
  • The surveyor's certificate must be substantially in this form.
  • If the Surveyor places a notary acknowledgement on the plat it must be exactly in this form.
  • The surveyor must certify on the plat one of the following statements:
    1. That the survey creates a subdivision of land within the area of a county or municipality that as an ordinance that regulates parcels of land
    2. That the survey is located in such portion of county or municipality that in unregulated as to an ordinance that regulates parcels of land
    3. That the survey is of an existing parcel or parcels of land
    4. That the survey is of another category, such as the recombination of existing parcels, a court-ordered survey, or other exception to the definition of subdivision
    5. That the information available to the surveyor is such that the surveyor is unable to make a determination to the best of his or her professional ability as to provisions contained in (A) through (D) above.
  • NOTE: If the surveyor certifies either A, D, or E, the plat must have the approval of the Buncombe County Review Officers as well as one of the following Governmental Agencies:
      1. Buncombe County
      2. City of Asheville
      3. Town of Black Mountain
      4. Town of Biltmore Forest
      5. Town of Montreat
      6. Town of Woodfin
      7. Town of Weaverville
  • NOTE: If the surveyor certifies C as stated above, no approval is necessary prior to recording.

If a map is attached to a deed or other instrument, it must be no larger than 8½" by 14" and meet the requirements of either G. S. 47-30(m) or G.S. 47-30(n).

  • To meet the requirements of G.S. 47-30(m), an attached map must contain the original signature and seal of a registered land surveyor or be a certified copy of a map that bears the original signature and seal of a registered land surveyor and review officer.
  • To meet the requirements of G.S. 47-30(n) an attached map must have written on it the following statement:

An attached map that contains this statement is exempt from certification by a review officer and may be recorded without that certification. It must be recorded as part of an instrument.