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Satisfaction of Mortgages and Deeds of Trust

Satisfactions (or cancellations) of mortgages and deeds of trust are recorded in the Buncombe County Register of Deeds office. There is no charge to record a satisfaction.

When a deed of trust or mortgage is paid in full, the bank or other party to whom the money was owed is responsible for recording the satisfaction and forwarding it to the borrowers within 60 days of payoff.

By North Carolina law, deeds of trust and mortgages can be satisfied on the record with a simple instrument prepared and signed by the trustee or secured creditor with proper acknowledgement. Borrowers' attorneys can prepare and record affidavits of satisfaction when secured creditors fail to provide satisfactions. Please follow the links below to find accepted Satisfaction (Cancellation) Forms as set forth in Session Law 2005-123.



Requests for notice and cancellations of Deeds of Trust prior to February 3, 1997 were made by marginal entries only and not indexed.