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This Day In History: 11/30

We all know Warren Wilson College and its distinct niche in higher education. But did you know that Warren Wilson was not always a four-year school?  On November 30th, 1894, Asheville Farm School opened on the same land that the college occupies today. It offered 3 grades of elementary education, had a class size of 25 boys, and 3 professional staff members. Within 6 years Asheville Farm School had an enrollment of 140 students. The school grew despite local and global setbacks such as the flood of 1916, World War 1, and the Great Depression. In 1942 Asheville Farm School merged with the Hot Springs-based Dorland-Bell School and became a coed secondary school, and thus Warren Wilson was established. For over 20 years Warren Wilson operated as a junior college, but in 1966 it gained recognition as the four-year college we know today.