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UPDATE: What You Need to Know About the New East Asheville Library

Update Dec. 20, 2019: The East Asheville Library will be closing Dec. 28 to make way for the construction of the new building. 

We know you’ve heard the news that the East Asheville library is getting a new home. But with changes come questions, and we want you to have all the information possible during this time of transition. So, below is a list of frequently asked questions.

When will construction begin? Likely August or September of 2019.

How long will construction take? 12 to 18 months.

Where will the new library be built? On the current site. Through a series of community meetings in 2017, we learned that the community preferred the library to stay in its current location rather than building on a different spot. The current library building and LEAF offices (formerly the community center) will be demolished, and the lot including those two buildings and the park will be reconfigured to fit the new library. You can view the architectural drawings in the above photo gallery, and renderings are also available for you to view in the lobby.

Could the current building be renovated instead of demolished? Unfortunately, bringing the current building up to code would require digging up the foundation, which could not be done without demolishing the building.

Will the old library remain open during construction? No. It would not be safe for patrons or staff. In addition, the construction company will need a staging area for its equipment, so even if the library could remain open there would be nowhere to park.

What will happen to the playground and basketball court? There will still be playground equipment at the new library, but it will not be as spread out as it is currently. The basketball court will remain in place.

Will there be more parking at the new library? Yes. We will have 50 parking spaces at the new library.

What library branch can I go to during construction? There are 11 other library locations in Buncombe County. The closest are (click on each branch for an overview of the facility and its amenities):

Where will the East Asheville Library staff go? Staff will be temporarily reassigned to other branches during construction. We do not know which specific locations yet.