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Robert Henry: A Western Carolina Patriot

Robert Henry: A Western Carolina PatriotIn his introduction to Richard Russell’s new book, Robert Henry: A Western Carolina Patriot, Wayne Caldwell observes “Robert Henry was a man of legend, mystery and myth. His life was one of great achievement and one of tragic personal failure, yet his part in history remains unknown to most.” 

Join author Richard Russell  on Wednesday, September 18 at 7 p.m. at the West Asheville Library for a fascinating exploration of Henry’s life (1765-1863); from the battle of King’s Mountain, his survey of the boundary line between Tennessee and North Carolina, his creation of the famous Sulphur Springs Resort, and finally his death in 1863 on the day and hour he himself foretold. 

This free program is sponsored by the Friends of West Asheville Library. For information, call 250-4750 or email