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Womansong Donation

Roberta E. Newman presents the first three Womansong scrapbooks to NC Collection librarian Ann Wright.The North Carolina Room recently established an archive of all the audio and video recordings created over the first 25 years of Womansong, Asheville’s oldest and largest women’s chorus. In addition to recordings, the archive includes Womansong scrapbooks from 1987-1999 containing photos, news clippings, flyers, rosters, and acknowledgements. Albums from 2000 to the present will be added at a later date.

The Pack Library Womansong Collection was created to commemorate 25 years of singing together in harmony and serving the Western North Carolina community through the healing power of music. The collection also documents the activities of Womansong’s New Start Program which teams with local agencies and community colleges to help women who are striving to make a “new start.”

The 25th Anniversary will also be celebrated with a public concert at Diana Wortham Theatre on November 10 and 11, Womansong group outside of UNCA's Ramsey Library - 19992012.

A description of the Womansong Collection may be seen by following this link: and using “Womansong” in a Keyword Search.