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Facts About Addiction People Usually Get Wrong

Facts about addiction to opiods

The danger of addiction is closer than you think…prescription drug misuse and abuse continues to be a significant concern in Buncombe County. The Partnership for Substance Free Youth along with other community leaders are committed to providing the information and support to address the local opioid epidemic.

Helping the community understand the facts about addiction can help reduce the chance of individuals becoming addicted, as well as help those ready to move towards recovery.

Here are some facts to help you and your family make informed decisions about opioids and other addictive drugs:

  1. Substance use changes the brain which can make drug use uncontrollable. A person may start out doing drugs occasionally or may be prescribed medicine by a doctor. Over time, with opioids and some other drugs, the brain is rewired to seek out those substances in a way that the individual no longer has control over seeking the drug. The brain changes and requires more and more of the drug for the same effect as the amount the person first used.
  2. Expecting a person who is addicted to “just quit” cold turkey is not realistic. Changing drug use behavior is a process. First, the person may not think they have a problem. Next, they may realize it’s a problem, but feel conflicted about addressing it. Then they have to figure out how to deal with it and seek professional help, maybe change friends and learn skills to recover from the addiction.
  3. Intervening early is more effective than waiting for “rock bottom”. Because behavior change is a process, instead of letting your friend or loved one hit their lowest point, it’s important to help right away. Relapse and setbacks are common and can be a learning opportunity. Studies show those who enter drug treatment programs as a result of loving pressure do better in treatment compared to those who don’t get help.

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By Michèle Barkett, Coordinator, The Partnership for Substance Free Youth in Buncombe County