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#MyReasonWNC Face Covering Campaign

Buncombe County is participating in a new regional health communication campaign called My Reason WNC that is working to share information with our community about why we’re taking steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 here in Buncombe County. We know information that comes from trusted, local messengers such as yourself will go a long way in encouraging the safe practices of those in our community. 

We are looking for a short quote that speaks to your personal motivations for following the 3Ws (examples: to protect grandma, to be able to go back to school, to keep my customers safe). This campaign will feature trusted Buncombe County leaders and locals in order to encourage ongoing safe practices for COVID-19 prevention in our community.  

Want to participate in the campaign?   

1. Submit a #MyReasonWNC selfie and encourage others to do the same!

  • Take a selfie in your face covering then fill out this short form with your quote and attach the photo. We will share your photo and quote on social media to help spread the word about the importance of practicing the 3 W's
  • You can also post your selfie and quote on your own social media accounts, using the #MyReasonWNC hashtag

2. Engage with and share the posts you see on social media.

  • Like, comment, and share campaign posts that you see using the hashtag #MyReasonWNC
  • Follow our posts on Facebook to stay updated on the campaign

If possible, please wear a mask that reflects something you are passionate about or a cause that you are connected to. We also encourage you to wear clothes that convey the transition to colder weather so that the campaign photos remain relevant through winter.  

If you have questions about this campaign, contact  

Check out the following photos from our Nov. 4th photoshoot: