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ACH - Checklist

Part I - Basic Information

  1. Medicaid Certified?
  2. Admitting New Residents?
  3. Convenient location?
  4. Is home capable of meeting your special care needs?

Part II - Quality of Life

  1. Are residents treated respectfully by staff at all times?
  2. Are residents dressed appropriately and well groomed?
  3. Does staff make an effort to meet the needs of each resident?
  4. Is there a variety of activities to meet the needs of each resident?
  5. Is the food attractive and tasty?(sample a meal if possible)
  6. Are resident rooms decorated with personal articles?
  7. Is the home's environment "homelike"?
  8. Do common areas and resident rooms contain comfortable furniture?
  9. Does the facility have contact with outside groups of volunteers?

Part III - Quality of Care

  1. Does staff encourage residents to act independently?
  2. Does facility staff respond quickly to calls for assistance?
  3. Are residents and family involved in resident care planning?

Part IV - Safety

  1. Are there enough staff to appropriately provide care to residents?
  2. Are there handrails in the hallway and grab bars in bathrooms?
  3. Is the inside of the home in good repair and exits clearly marked?
  4. Are spills and other accidents cleaned up quickly?
  5. Are the hallways free of clutter and well lighted?

Part V - Environment

  1. Are the linens, walls, floors, windows and bathrooms clean and free of odors and insects?
  2. Is lighting comfortable and appropriate?
  3. Is temperature comfortable and bedrooms free of drafts?

Part VI - Other Concerns

  1. Does the home have outdoor areas (patios,etc.) for resident use?
  2. How are concerns or complaints addressed?

This checklist was taken from the US Department of Health and Human Services.