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Citizens' Financial Report Now Available

Citizens Financial Report

Buncombe County is thrilled to announce the Citizens' Financial Report is now available for FY2017. This is the perfect place for County employees and constituents to read about our finances in a user-friendly format.

"One of our most important responsibilities to you, as a taxpayer, is to ensure transparency and accountability in our financial operations. This report, the Citizens' Financial Report, is designed to make our financials open and accessible, allowing you to understand how your tax dollars are being used to run County services and programs. At its core, County government is designed to provide the infrastructure for a sound, safe, and thriving community. Our financial stewardship requires us to invest in ways that address both the short-term needs of the community while responsibly investing in our community’s future. By way of this report we hope to make you an educated partner in our County investments."

~Mandy Stone, County Manager

For a more in-depth financial analysis we welcome you to review the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.