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Tax News

Tax Bills Arriving Soon

The Buncombe County Tax Office will mail property tax bills on or before Friday, August 16. Citizens may make partial payments, but the balance must be paid in full by January 6, 2014 to avoid accruing interest.

If you have a question about your bill, call 250-4910 between 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. weekdays. Check the County’s website for more information about payment options including:

  • By Mail: Mail your check using the return envelope. Be sure to include your bill # on your check.
  • In Person: Tax Collector’s Office - 35 Woodfin Street in Asheville.
  • Drop Box: Place your check or money order in our drive-up payment box at 35 Woodfin Street. The box is on the driver’s side of the driveway as you exit the parking lot.
  • Credit Card by phone or online: Instructions on the back of the tax bill.
  • E-check online: Visit
  • Bank Draft:  Start early & have a set amount deducted from your checking/savings account each month.
  • Payment Plans: Call before the bill becomes past due & set up a customized payment plan. Prepayments are accepted at any time before the bill is actually mailed.

Culture and Recreation Authority or CRA will appear on tax bills this year. The CRA tax was authorized by the NC General Assembly to allow Buncombe County Government to establish a separate subdivision of local government to provide quality of life services to the citizens of the County. These expenses were formerly incorporated in the overall Buncombe County tax rate but have been separated to provide citizens with information about the cost of providing these services. The CRA will be a separate entity governed by an appointed Board to oversee the libraries, greenways & recreation programs and facilities in Buncombe County.

To fund the Authority, the County approved a 3.5 cent ad valorem tax for FY2014. These revenues will be used only for cultural & recreational purposes under the jurisdiction of the Authority. Prior to the creation of the Authority, funding for libraries, parks, greenways, recreation facilities & cultural organizations were included in the general operating funds for the County. Under the Authority, revenue will be dedicated to the upkeep and improvement of facilities & programs & for future capital projects in the area of culture & recreation.

Over the next few months, members will be appointed to the Authority. As the Authority takes shape, & this new body begins the development of Culture & Recreation as a separate entity for Buncombe County, more details will be available at