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Reduce Jail Population & Enhance Public Safety

Focus Area: Resident Well-Being

ID Bureau


Goal: Reduce the number of unserved processes in the warrant repository that meet the criteria to be recalled and disposed by the courts

Goal Description: A criminal process can be issued by a judicial official but may remain unserved because a defendant/respondent cannot be found or may be unavailable for service due to a myriad of factors (illness, incarceration, location, or even death). If and when that person is located or arrested perhaps on another matter, unserved processes may be served on the individual. Unserved/Active processes can be recalled by judicial officials, if they meet certain criteria; thereby reducing the number of charges for which a person is held in custody. This may have influence on bond decisions as well as case processing and disposition, all of which can impact a person’s length of stay in detention.

Reporting Frequency: Annual Reporting Period: Q1

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