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Board of Commissioners' Agenda

January 31, 2012


Accomplishments over the last 3 years (Strategic Plan Revisions) Top of Page

Wanda Greene

Capital projects – ABTCC, City/County Schools, and County Top of Page

Allen Johnson: City Schools Susanne Swanger, Tim Fierle & Bernie Sochia: County Schools Jon Creighton, ABTCC & County Projects

Status of current County Capital Projects Top of Page

Jon Creighton

Legislative Actions in Progress Top of Page

ETJ – Josh O’Conner Airport Authority – Michael Frue Water Authority – Michael Frue

Household Assessment Fees Top of Page

Jon Creighton

Inclusionary Zoning Top of Page

Jon Creighton

Michael Frue

Building naming policy (Do we want to use our rules, current or revised, to guide our requests to DOT for road naming) Top of Page

Wanda Greene

Wellness Program Update (what we do, new things we have planned, and impacts to date (how are we improving the overall health of our workforce)) Top of Page

Rob Thornberry