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Data Collection Taking Place to Help Improve Buncombe County Health

Over the next several weeks, residents in Buncombe County will have the opportunity to help Buncombe County Public Health identify the most critical health needs throughout our county and the region by participating in a community health survey.

Buncombe County is part of a larger community health assessment called WNC Healthy Impact that includes 18 western North Carolina counties. WNC Healthy Impact is a regional collaboration between hospitals, health departments, and their partners who are working to gain insight into the current health of the region and to improve community health.

The national research firm PRC of Omaha, Nebraska, will conduct phone surveys with 300 individuals in the area between March and June of this year. The confidential survey will ask questions about residents’ health status, behaviors, and experiences. The households asked to participate will be randomly selected, and the survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. 

Data collected during the health assessment represents a broad look at health, including demographics, socioeconomics, health status, health disparities, health behavior, clinical care, physical environment and quality of life.  This data helps us identify the health issues we will focus on addressing together over the next three years. The last Buncombe County community health assessment was completed in 2018 and highlighted the importance of community driven and equity informed strategies to improve birth outcomes and mental health.

As the survey process begins, resident participation is critical not only to the quality of the data but also ensures that the data truly represents the health priorities of our community. The results of the survey will help public health officials understand where the greatest needs exist and identify ways to strengthen the services and support that improve health for all residents of Buncombe County.

“If you receive the call to participate, please do lend your voice to the survey. This is your opportunity to help us identify health priorities in our community,” said Public Health Director, Stacie Saunders. Interested community members can give their input even if they are not randomly selected. Residents of Buncombe County can take the survey online at

For more information on Buncombe County Community Health Improvement, visit our website or call Zo Mpofu at (828) 450-9322.