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Comprehensive Plan: Take-Home Postcard Craft Kit for Kids at the Library

Buncombe County is beginning a comprehensive planning process and would like to hear from residents of all ages. The comprehensive plan is used by local governments as a broad, long-range planning tool for the community. Our plan will focus on the next 20-year period and will look at the relationships between land uses, infrastructure, and key community needs. Information regarding the comprehensive planning process will be available online and in all 12 Buncombe County Libraries starting in October. 

Also during October, the libraries will provide an opportunity for children in Buncombe County to participate in the Comprehensive Plan Postcard Project. Come to the library and pick up your craft kits (while supplies last) that include a postcard where kids can draw what they want their neighborhood to look like. This is a chance for young people to vote for their future and say what they want County government to address in the next 20 years. These postcards will give the County valuable input and may be featured in the final comprehensive plan!  If you have any questions, contact your neighborhood librarian or visit the Comprehensive Plan online.

Haven't had a chance to stop by your local library yet? You can download the kids postcard project on our website.

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Planning staff puts the craft kits together.