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Tax Reappraisal Notices in the Mail Soon

All counties in North Carolina are required to revalue property periodically. The last reappraisal was January 1, 2013. The next scheduled reappraisal for Buncombe County is  January 1, 2017. The reappraisal process begins with the reviewing of information used to determine each property’s value. It is important to review all property between reappraisals to make sure that the information used to value property in the next reappraisal  is correct.

Real property includes land, buildings, structures and improvements. Buncombe County attempts to maintain a four-year reappraisal schedule with the notice of reappraisal values to be mailed to property owners in February. 

The County has released the Schedule of Values, Standards and Rules and the timeline for the reappraisal attached below.

For more information about the reappraisal, contact the Real Estate Division, call 828-250 4940.

Table: News Item Documents
File NameSizeTypeDate & Time Added
Reappraisal Guide 4 MB 01/27/2017 10:46 AM
Schedule of Values 10 MB 01/11/2017 9:44 AM