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Too Dangerous to Talk? Text 911!

Buncombe County Emergency Responders are now accepting texting as an option for contacting 911. However, there are some important details you should know:

  • If you can make a voice call, they prefer you not text
    • In an emergency, seconds matter, and 911 operators can get more information from you quicker from a voice call than from a texting conversation.
    • When you first text 911, they will ask if you can get to a location to make a voice call. If not, continue with the text conversation. 
  • What are some situations that are good for texting 911:
    • If you are hiding and don't want to give your position away.
    • If you are in a domestic violence situation and need to discreetly contact first responders or the authorities.
    • If you have bad cell reception, sometimes it is difficult for calls to go through, but texts still have the ability to send.
  • If you text 911, what should you know beforehand:
    • Texting 911 has limited abilities to let first responders know your exact location, so if you text 911, make sure you specify your exact location.
    • Make sure you specify what kind of emergency it is. Is it a fire? Is it a medical emergency? Do you require law enforcement? Make sure to let them know in the initial text.

For more information about texting 911, you can visit

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